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The Danger of Pure A Priori: Philosophy Without Experience

Posted by Damien on November 27, 2009 at 5:09 am

UPDATED AGAIN: The response from the involved party is that I have misrepresented or failed to understand how they were using A Priori. The use of the term is very diverse and so this is very possible. I tried to base my discussion based on the examples and illustrations provided. The essay still applies to the idea that an ethical or value based system can be derived entirely internally by the individual sans experience. I have recently studied the way Murray Rothbard, Roderick T. Long, and to a lesser degree Ludwig von Mises use the term. Without these more detailed explanations I initially found their refusal to test their theories or apply them empirically problematic, but after understanding what they really meant I can now more strongly support praxeology. I may explore that more in a future post.

UPDATE: Made some semantic changes to essay. Changed Pure A Priori to Pure A Priori thought process. Also, gave new definition of a priori in terms section. Real content of essay unchanged but wanted to prevent semantics from being a diversion.

The following essay is in response to recent conversations that I have had. I have kept in fairly general so it can be understood outside of the context of those conversations. However, I plan to follow up with a short essay more specifically addressing some of the topics of the conversation with context provided. I will also post any responses from the opposing parties on this topic. The available formats for viewing the essay are after the break.



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