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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Conservative Problems with “Big Government” Exclude Security and Defense


This afternoon while driving home I was listening to talk radio, some of you may already be judging but hear me out, and I heard the conservative them for bashing government run health care, “If the government can run the DMV, screws up this simple program, makes this stupid mistake, etc…then why would we entrust it with 1/6th of economy and let it run health care.”  This is a very valid point.  The question I have is why this isn’t consistently applied to defense and security.  If we can not trust government run health care or hand out drivers licenses, then how can we trust government to a true monopoly on protecting our individual rights, defending our property and lives, and running an industry that directly cost nearly 10 percent of US GDP in 2009.  The defense industry is riddled with just as much corruption, inefficiency, bureaucracy, and all other issues that are symptomatic of a government run program that lacks internalized costs for those making the decisions.

Dec 9, 2009